Chase (1971)

Our high school jazz band played this last year, and now we're playing it in marching band this year. It's so fun to play! I just love it.

One of my favorite songs of all times! What a great loss when we lost Bill Chase and his band! This is a timeless tune, I just wish it got more radio play time! Classic rock stations should play this often.

Chase was from Dorchester, Massachussets. Oct 30' 1934, They died August 9 1974, 36 years ago.

You think Lynard Skynard had it bad when their plane crashed? Well, actually it was bad; but this entire group, Chase, were all killed in a plane crash on August 8, 1974 near Jackson, Minnesota.

Wow....I played this in high school too -- in the mid-1970s! Classics never wear out! (But why can't I find this on iTunes!?!?!)

The final little stab at the end always seemed to me to be a homage to Iron Butterflys' INAGADADAVIDA...maybe...maybe not!

Just got this in Jazz band today...looking forward to a month of our trumpet section not playing loud enough.