Findings (Harper's Magazine Jan. 2012)

Power without status is the most corrupting.

Those who feel powerless attempt to gain prestige by eating larger portions.

Lonely consumers prefer unpopular products.

Agreeable people have lower credit scores.

Undeserved self-praise may induce depression.

People who wear less clothing are seen as less competent and moral but more sensitive.

Philadelphian teenagers who want to lose weight also tend to drink too much soda, whereas Bostonian teenagers who drink too much soda are likelier to carry guns.

Babies understand the thought processes of others around ten months and begin to behave fairly around fifteen months.

Psychologists found that high blood pressure reduces the ability to perceive anger,fearfulness, happiness, and sadness in facial expressions. "it's like living in a world of email," explained the lead researcher, "without smiley faces..."